The transmission from Richard Geoffroy to Vincent Chaperon is a compelling milestone in the history of Dom Pérignon which was honoured with a special day on June 13, highlighting the vibrancy of this transition.  Geoffroy was joined by two essential figures in his journey: Chaperon, who will succeed him, and Dominique Foulon, who he himself succeeded. Foulon was Dom Pérignon’s chef de cave for 15 years.

After holding the role for 28 years, Geoffroy passes the torch to Chaperon to inaugurate a new cycle at the beginning of 2019.  

Wine media from around the world came together at the Abbey of Hautvilliers, where Dom Pérignon served out his life. There they witnessed a kind of ceremony of Geoffroy handing over to Chaperon before a tasting in the vineyards.

Since 2005, Chaperon has taken part in 13 harvests and declared four vintages with Geoffroy including 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2008.  He brings to Dom Pérignon his winemaker’s sensitivity and commitment to progress. In recent years, he has initiated explorations of the House and its creative heritage. These initiatives have begun to inform the spirit of Dom Pérignon in inventive ways that will inspire the future.   

Having guided Chaperon along this extended path, Geoffroy is ready to pass on the heritage of Dom Pérignon to his successor. Geoffroy was appointed chef de cave in 1990 and declared no fewer than 15 vintages. He remained steadfastly faithful to the vision of the House, exploring its potential with audacity and creativity. His interpretations of Dom Pérignon’s vision gave birth to the concept of Plénitudes (Vintage, P2, P3) and their vocation – to express the successive plateaus of a champagne as it matures.

The transmission event coincided with the declaration of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008, the culmination of Geoffroy’s collaboration with Chaperon. Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008 revisits the archetype of vintage champagne, drawing on the best of the two winemakers’ approaches, blending knowledge with modernity and intuition.


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