The Virtues of Duval-Leroy

Vineyard ownership, by the champagne houses, is usually much less that is required for meeting their needs on an annual basis. Ownership, for the most part, is bequeathed to the…


Profiling Vertus

Vertus, a large premier cru village in the southernmost part of the Côte des Blancs, is home to well-known family-run producers such as Duval-Leroy, Veuve Fourny & Fils and Larmandier-Bernier….


VINE & BUBBLE Champagne Tasting – Profiling Vertus

Join us for a special VINE & BUBBLE tasting, profiling the village of Vertus, from Champagne’s chardonnay heartland of the Côte des Blancs. As part of our terroir tasting series,…


Harvest 2018 Report

Ten years on from the vintage of the decade, 2018 has delivered a massive windfall to the region of Champagne thanks to an uncommon coming together of quantity and quality…


The Rise and Rise of Charles Heidsieck

Stephen Leroux cuts an unassuming figure in his light green pull-over and chinos as I enter Charles Heidsieck’s tasting room in Reims. He’s Executive Director of the House, engaged in…