A Change in the Wind

Champagne lovers gather around. Listen, can you hear the winds of change? Now, more than ever, Champagne’s growers are bringing awareness to flavour, style and the all-important question of terroir….

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Returning to Craftsmanship: Cristal 2012

On the year of his 20th Anniversary as chef de cave of Champagne Louis Roederer, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon has reached another epic milestone in his environmental quest with the release of…


Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, The Chosen One

It’s Monday morning in Reims and I’m running late for my first appointment. My taxi hasn’t arrived, leaving me with no choice but to walk the kilometre or so from…


Bourgeois-Diaz, The Stylist

Although a relative newcomer to the Australian champagne market, Bourgeois-Diaz has been making small waves in the region for the last decade since converting to organics, achieving biodynamic certification in…