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Issue No. 2 M is for Meunier

Inside the second issue…

M is for Meunier | The Beauty of Self-Destruction

Changing Seasons: A Year in Champagne | How to Experience Champagne Like a Local

A History of the Vin de Champagne Awards | Label Leaders

Profiling Ambonnay | Arrivals | The Tasting Room

And more…

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Issue No. 2

June 2019

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November 2019

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VINE & BUBBLE Magazine is a bi-annual magazine, dedicated exclusively to telling the real story of champagne.

Our network of contributors are some of Australia’s leading sommeliers, wine writers and eductors, who spend time amongst the vines and tasting their way through the region’s best producers each year.

Each issue is the sum of their findings; a meaningful and engaging collection of news, interviews, stories and information about the unique and magnificent wine and people of Champagne.

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Inside the first issue…

The New Piper-Heidsieck | Dom Pérignon Transmission

The Rise of Charles Heidsieck | Profiling Vertus

Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon | Harvest 2018 in Pictures

Champagne Week 2018 | In the Pink | Eric Rodez

Growers to Know | Arrivals 2019 | And more…