Individual Copy | Issue No. 4


Finally, Issue No. 4 of VINE & BUBBLE Magazine is available! It may be late, but perfectly timed with some of the bigger questions for the industry around its future, in these days of COVID-19, and the need to adapt quickly to a  new social rhythm.

This issue we touch on how champagne has always been at the fore of major changes in social movements, in my interview with the modish artist and writer, Belinda Aucott, as well as Gert Crum’s poignant article ‘A Change in the Wind’. They are joined by our best ever line-up of contributors with this thoughtful content:

  • What’s in a Glass? (feature on champagne glassware) – By Sara Underdown
  • Franck Bonville – By Sara Underdown
  • Coteaux Champenois – By Bhatia Dheeraj
  • Philippe Glavier – By Sara Underdown
  • What Really is Prestige Champagne? – By Matt Lamb
  • Minerality. What does in Mean? – By Matthew Lane
  • Champagne Chameleon: Chardonnay – By Leanne Altmann
  • Life-Changing Champagnes with Australia’s Winemakers
  • Black Diamonds and Liquid Gold – By Amanda Reboul
  • Italian Food and Champagne – By Kara Maisano

Read all 84 pages of original content, written by leading sommeliers, wine writers, industry representatives and educators with expert knowledge of champagne.

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