La Champagne, Le Champagne and Les Champenois


“This is a collection of my notes gathered from many winegrowers who have joined me on my adventures travelling and drinking throughout champagne. What emerges is a focus on champagne growers and grower champagne, the hardworking artisans and their glorious wines. Their dedication to farming and expertise in the cellar has been a source of endless fascination for me and I hope this book represents that.” – Author, Yoko Ota-Sawyer

Yoko Ota-Sawyer as the tirelessly dedicated illustrator of all things champagne under the auspices of @yokobubble on Instagram. Paris educated, Boston based, Yoko, has more than 15 years’ experience in the wine industry working across retail sales in the United States, wine judging in the United Kingdom, Japan and France, as well as working numerous harvests and other cellar jobs in Champagne and Mosel.

This is her first book.

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