Earlier this year, premium wine distributor, Wine Stock, welcomed their first brand ambassador for Laurent-Perrier, Caroline Desaulle.

Desaulle relocated to Sydney at the end of 2018 from Laurent-Perrier’s Headquarters in Tours-sur-Marne, France, to represent the house in Australia and Asia Pacific.

She comes at an important time for the house in Australia where education about the versatility of their champagne portfolio is important for furthering customer relationships. Since her appointment, Desaulle has clocked up an impressive travel record across the country, assisting with developing business relationships as well as those with private buyers. There’s also been a string of events, dinners and tastings, the goal of which has been to encourage customers to experiment with their cuvées and to educate trade partners.


How did you get into the champagne industry?

I discovered the Champagne region when I was 18 years old after leaving Paris to study at NEOMA Business School in Reims. A passion for wine and champagne was sparked and soon my weekends were full of visiting winegrowers, vineyards and discovering the different areas of Côte des Blancs, Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne and Aube. In September 2016, I joined the project of ‘B.LIV Champagne’, a venture of two young women selling a Blanc de Blancs inspired by women and committed to empowering women and entrepreneurship. It was a unique opportunity for me to learn more about the champagne industry and become part of an exciting project. I contributed to this emerging business by designing marketing and sales tools and selecting distribution channels as well as building the brand.

Which Laurent-Perrier champagne is your go-to and why?

My favourite champagne is Cuvée Rosé! I love pairing it with multicultural cuisines from all around the world. I have found champagne Cuvée Rosé to be a unique wine that matches so well with all types of food. Its aromatic depth makes it ideal for pairing with marinated raw fish, grilled prawns, exotic dishes, Parma ham and red fruit desserts. For audacious/daring experiences I definitely recommend trying Cuvée Rosé with Asian or Indian cuisine.  It is always a great pleasure to enjoy its ripe red fruit aromas, its high intensity and great freshness.

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