Although a relative newcomer to the Australian champagne market, Bourgeois-Diaz has been making small waves in the region for the last decade since converting to organics, achieving biodynamic certification in 2015. At the helm of this small family estate is Jerome Bourgeois, young and talented, who was first inspired by the organic works of winemakers in the Loire.

With seven hectares located in the tiny village of Crouttes-sur-Marne (in the extreme far west of the Marne Valley), Jerome refuses chaptalisation or synthetic sulfur to produce elegant, pure wines highlighting the mineral imprint of this part of the Marne. Small amounts of subtle oak add another layer of complexity to his cuvées.

Whilst, historically, this part of the Marne is credited with meunier production, pinot noir and chardonnay can also perform well albeit with appropriate vineyard selection and careful tending. Aside from meunier dominated cuvées, Jerome grows chardonnay of incredible finesse and elegance. His blanc de blancs is different in style to what we see coming from the Côtes des Blancs yet it remains pure.  

Almost all cuvées have no dosage and each sees a different level of older oak integration depending on vintage conditions and cépage.

TRY | Cuvée 3C Collection NV

3C Collection is made to reflect all terroirs and grapes at the domaine. It’s a blend of three key varieties (pinot noir, meunier and chardonnay) across a single vintage where the two dark skinned varieties feature slightly more prominently in the breakdown. Vinified solely in older oak barrels, 3C Collection is a more complex version of Bourgeois-Diaz’s entry range cuvée (simply called Cuvée 3C) which is a blend across vintages and sees less oak. It’s super-perfumed yet elegant on the nose, while the palate remains mineral and layered with citrus zest, rose petal and grapefruit. This is a classy, extremely well-crafted champagne – up there with some of the best examples of prestige grower cuvées.

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WORDS  | Cam O’Keefe

PHOTOGRAPHY | Victor Pugatschew


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