At VINE & BUBBLE Magazine, we love nothing more than sharing the joy and knowledge of champagne.

We are a bi-annual magazine, innovative and on-trend with the technology landscape for setting-up and distributing publications.

We engage our mostly under 50s readership exclusively through an online format, using a dedicated and branded App for readers to download issues and read at any time on their smart devices.

Our readership is broken down in the following ways:

Trade – These are people in the food and wine industry possessing a high level of wine and industry knowledge. They are personally and professionally curious about champagne and want to remain up-to-date with the latest products, trends and other information important for servicing the Australian market.

Public – Our public readership is comprised of people who have a high wine IQ but particularly interested in champagne. They are discerning and aspirational, inquisitive and like to explore. They want to take their level of champagne appreciation to a new level.

Promotion of the magazine and its contents is communicated via a grass roots/organic method using a strategic mix of word of mouth, partnerships and targeted social media plans.

Ongoing engagement will occur via regular push notifications linking to magazine/partnership promotions, through ‘teaser’ articles on our website, general information updates and engaging encounters/stories straight from Champagne and across Australia.

For a media kit and more information on advertising with VINE & BUBBLE Magazine, please contact Editor, Sara Underdown on or 0417 898 594 for more information and pricing.